Accounting, Tax and Finance Consulting and Technology support.

Tax Consultancy

Our staff of consultants possesses broad experience in both theoretical and practical Brazilian tax mechanisms, such as calculating the sales price, guidance on completing ancillary obligations and research on various legislations.

The following is a list of some of our specialized advisory services:

Research on the MVA, VAT or tax guidelines for any products and states;

  • Preparation of practical training for your tax and accounting staff
  • SISCOSERV preparation
  • Drafting of the CAT 17/99 and CAT 158/15 Ordinances
  • Preparation of tax manual procedures geared towards ensuring tax compliance
  • Periodic tax clippings focused on your business and your products
  • Tax and contribution reviews directed towards identifying risks in tax operations and procedures

Accounting, Tax and Financial technology support.

Construction of Customized Tools

We serve demands from all areas of the company, encompassing HR, sales, marketing, accounting, tax, legal and operations.

We do:

  • Programming and the deployment of specific solutions for your department.
  • Customization of existing solutions.
  • Attending to business requirements.

Sets of Ready Solutions

We have a set of solutions intended to lend technical support for the most diverse day-to-day demands of the Accounting, Tax and Financial areas.

Our automated tools include:

  • Downloads of XMLs (NF-and-CT and NFC-e)
  • Accounting Reconciliations
  • Control of facilities, ancillary obligations, special systems, payments, tax subpoenas and debt clearance certificates
  • Conversion of SPED files (EFD, EFD-Contributions, ECD, ECF) into spreadsheets and vice versa, relating the blocks and records the user wishes to have. For example, C100 to C170; C100 with 0200 and countless others
  • Control of electronic tax jurisdictions, advising users about any changes in the taxpayer’s account, as well as automatically downloading the existing notifications
  • Control over e-CAC, advising users about any changes in the taxpayer’s account, along with automatically downloading the existing notifications
  • Control over São Paulo tax invoice claims, along with other states, that provide retail customers with a tax advantages by disclosing their CPF at the time they make a purchase. Our tool performs a mass automatic response to claims, avoiding fines and generating additional time to solve the causes of the claims