All you need to know about temporary labor

Temporary labor is a great alternative for business owners who need to complement their internal staff, replace employees for a certain period of time, or to even perform occasional jobs that have specific deadlines.

There are two ways for to use temporary labor. The first way is by hiring employees with a fixed-term employment contract (labor legislation regulates this model of hiring) and the second is by outsourcing services – the most used method today. In this second model, the business owner doing the hiring does not have to worry about bureaucracies and labor-related details. They simply ask for a particular professional profile from the outsourcing company, and that firm will be responsible for choosing the right candidates along with all the procedures needed for hiring.

Take a look at some situations where temporary labor can benefit your business:

Benefits of temporary labor

When there is temporary overload of work, primarily in the tax, accounting and financial departments. See some of the main advantages for outsourcing accounting, tax and financial services;

Employee absences for any number of reasons – such as health, maternity, and others – who will be away on leave and need someone to cover their activities for a specific amount of time;

One-off projects that will pose a heavy workload to the tax, accounting and financial departments, such as implementing new systems, the construction of new manufacturing plants and facilities;

Changes in the law that will involve additional departments in certain procedures;

Company growth and increased work within the departments;

A company’s decision to outsource some routine procedure or a specific department to reduce costs. Learn how outsourcing services can help you get out of a crisis.

The outsourced/temporary professionals in each of these cases will perform activities that are similar that the company’s own employees would be doing. They will respect the company’s internal procedures and work schedules, along with adapting to its culture, but with some advantages.

When hired through an outsourcing company that specializes in the area in which they operate – such as the tax, accounting and financial departments – these professionals can rely on the support of their managers, who are often renowned professionals in these sectors.

Also, since they are used to frequently having to change environments, serving numerous clients from a variety of sectors and have already worked on countless projects, these outsourced temporary professionals can generate additional added value and suggest new ideas to the customer being served. This more diversified environment creates a positive “oxygenation” for the accounting, tax and financial departments, as well as introducing new experiences to the companies and managers who are doing the hiring.

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