Andersen Global Continues to Expand Throughout Middle East

Jordan-Based Zalloum & Laswi to Become Andersen Tax & Legal

Andersen Global continues to strengthen its presence in the Middle East with the announcement that Jordan-based Zalloum & Laswi has become a full member firm of the international association and is adopting the name Andersen Tax & Legal. The firm had previously signed a collaboration agreement with Andersen Global last fall.

“In less than a year, we have been able to see up close the Andersen values of stewardship, best-in-class service and transparency,” said Rasha Laswi, Office Managing Director of Andersen Tax & Legal in Jordan. “We are looking forward to becoming a full member firm of Andersen Global and having the Andersen name on the door, as it comes with a reputation that is second-to-none.”

In 1993, Zalloum & Laswi was established by Managing Partner Azzam Zalloum. The firm’s nearly 20 professionals provide legal services for mid-to-large Jordanian corporations and foreign corporations in banking and finance, civil law, contracts, foreign investment, intellectual property rights, international trade and cross-border issues, corporate and commercial law, criminal law, litigation and dispute resolution, mergers & acquisitions, and real estate.

“The legal and business community in Jordan have looked to our colleagues at Zalloum & Laswi for 26 years, and they are an important part of our business strategy for the entire Middle East,” said Mark Vorsatz, Andersen Global Chairman and CEO of Andersen. “Throughout their time with us as a collaborating firm and now a member firm, Rasha and her team have demonstrated their dedication to providing seamless service, which so clearly represents our global commitment to clients.”