Digital transformation is already underway and in full swing!

In our last post, we discussed accounting 4.0 and how we can help your business apply the same technology, expertise and work methodologies used by the largest companies in the world.

The 4.0 trend, or digital transformation, does not come alone. It needs to be accompanied by technical know-how in the field of business and the work methodology that allows it to be deployed.

In addition to this, particularly when referring to the financial, accounting, tax and payroll areas, it is critical that your partner, the service provider, is able to translate the reports and statements into information that will make a difference in the management of your company. The proper management of these administrative areas associated with digital transformation will result in a vast leap in the control and decision-making mechanisms for your business.

Our approach for driving these fronts is based on the four administrative pillars (accounting, financial, tax and payroll), but also containing a business process view of PtoP, OtoC and RtoR (Procure to Pay, Order to Cash and Record to Report, respectively), in order to guarantee improved integrity and uniformity in the operation.

In our upcoming releases, we will address each of the above processes and discuss how they can assist your business.