Do you want to outsource employees? Learn more about what to do.

If you are a business owner who is interested in outsourcing employees but isn’t sure which steps to take, this post is for you. We have offered you tips on the steps for outsourcing services and the advantages of outsourcing for companies that want to qualify and expand their staff. Now find out what to do after making this decision:

When to outsource employees?

Outsourcing can be done at any time and in various areas at the company. However, experts recommend that services be outsourced primarily when the business owner is interested in qualifying and expanding their staff and, at the same time, has the flexibility that outsourcing can provide to the department management.

A good strategy for outsourcing employees is to identify activities that are less technical within the company’s routine procedures. One example is financial, tax and accounting services, such as: entering orders, accounting reconciliations, filling out ancillary obligations, generating bank invoices for billing, bank reconciliations, etc. These activities are more recommended for outsourcing because they can save time and allow the staff to dedicate itself to other services and strategies at the company.

What are the next steps?

Once you’ve decided to outsource employees for your company, you need to start the outsourcing process, which is very simple. Just choose a company that complies with the new regulations on outsourcing (Law 13.429/17), negotiate business conditions and then you’re ready to go.

There isn’t a lot of bureaucracy involved in this process, such as registrations in ministries or government agencies, limits on the number of third parties that can be used or other requirements. It’s just a single contract for the supply of labor or performing some part of a job.

Outsourcing routine

Once services are outsourced, the company requesting the third parties does not have to worry about administrative issues, such as holidays, absences and other relevant obligations because the outsourcing company is responsible for providing a substitute for the professional who takes a vacation or replacing an employee on leave, and can also provide all technical support to the third party professional, assisting the employee with any uncertainties that may arise during the daily routines. So, the size of your company or number of professionals you have doesn’t matter. The decision to outsource employees can provide a number of advantages for your business or department while avoiding bureaucracy and risks.

Intelligent workforce

One of the advantages of outsourcing services is having intelligent and skilled labor. In the case of outsourcing employees for a financial department, an outsourcing company needs to make sure that their employees are well-trained and can provide all the necessary support to do a good job.

With Albieri and Associates, we offer trained professionals focused on direct and indirect accounting, financial and tax departments to work at companies from different sectors. We also have a staff for monitoring outsourced employees, ensuring that they carry out their duties correctly, contributing to the workload and management of the company.

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