Our Services

We conduct our work in an integrated and individualized way, and are involved in the entire accounting, tax and financial chain.


Operational Consulting and Staff Loan

Total or partial outsourcing of accounting, tax, financial and payroll activities. We work at the client's premises or from our offices.

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Paralegal and permits

Companies incorporation and extinguishing, tax clearance certificates, up-dates in all government departments, countrywide attendance of diligences


Monthly Payroll

Payroll processing, e-Social and all personal department routines.


Accounting, Tax and Finance Consulting

Improvements and optimization of business processes.


Nossa História

A Albieri e Associados atua em colaboração com a rede Global da Andersen. No Brasil, somos mais de 350 profissionais com formação multidisciplinar financeira, contábil e tributária, atuando de forma operacional, colaborativa e estratégica com seus clientes. Somos reconhecidos, há mais de uma década, como a empresa mais indicada e especializada nas áreas contábil, fiscal, financeira e de folha de pagamento.

O Grupo possui hoje mais de 13.000 profissionais no mundo, 1.800 parceiros globais, presença em 390 locais em mais de 170 países através de suas firmas-membro. A Andersen é uma associação internacional de empresas independentes, compreendendo profissionais fiscais, contábeis e legais por todo o mundo.

Largest Retailers in Brazil

With years of experience in the retail segment, Albieri and Associates relies on their unique expertise and flexibility to operate in the sector. Among other projects, Albieri and Associates has been involved in outsourcing procedures for tax and accounting departments and in complex accounting reconciliations procedures.

Industry and Construction

In this key economic sector, our team has been working on projects involving the calculation of Corporate Income Taxes, preparation of income tax returns (ECF’s) and master data validation for tax, clients and suppliers files.

Automotive industry

Working with major automakers and the largest suppliers of auto parts in the country, Albieri and Associates conducts projects involving the calculation of PIS and COFINS, SISCOSERV and accounting reconciliations. The huge volumes involved and the specific traits of this sector demonstrate Albieri and Associates’ qualifications as a key partner to the automotive industry.

Food & Beverages

Serving the foremost industries in the sector, Albieri and Associates outsources activities such as ICMS, PIS, COFINS, IT calculations, accounts payable and receivable departments. Another successful venture in this segment is our paralegal service, involving the updating of changes made in the client’s articles of association in all government departments (federal, state and municipal) where the companies operate in Brazil.

Services Industry

The services industry operates with vast numbers of employees, numerous locations and municipalities. Albieri and Associates provides support to review and amend tax returns, make tax payments in many municipalities where the clients have operations and assisting in tax audit procedures.