How does a Paralegal Department work?

Paralegal or Permits professionals work as major business partners of Legal, Accounting, Tax, Expansion and other departments of the company that need contact with government agencies.

Some demands such as incorporation of new companies or branches, termination of businesses, obtaining state and municipal registrations, negative debt certificates, permits and operating licenses among many other activities of a company that require contact with public agencies, are sent to paralegal professionals who are used to dealing with the high degree of bureaucracy inherent in each process.

So how does this department work?

Basically, Parelegal must follow 6 fundamental steps to be able to perform its service. Are they:

(i) Understanding the demand: The professional receives the request from his client and analyzes its urgency, volumes and government agencies that should be involved aiming to draw an action plan for this attendance.

(ii) Mapping the solution: Based on past experiences and contact with the agencies involved, the professional understands which documents must be properly requested to proceed with the job. In addition, it will also complete the official forms of each agency, which may be electronic or physical.

(iii) Obtaining the relevant documentation: You must then obtain all the necessary documents to perform the service, as well as verify the need to involve notaries, sworn translations, notarization and consularizations.

(iv) Physical or virtual filling: With everything in hand, all material should be delivered to the specific government department(s) involved(s). This delivery may take place personally (physical diligence) or remotely (virtual diligence).

(v) Obtaining the protocol: As soon as the documents are delivered, it is very important to obtain the respective control number or reference, so that the order / process is followed up. This internal control of the agency comes through an official protocol of each establishment.

(vi) Follow-up and finalization: finally, after the analysis of each competent sector of the government(s) department(s) involved, there will be a “judgment” with the approval of the process, in which case everything was accepted and the request will considered closed, or rejection, in which the agency returns with some pending items to be updated. When everything is done, the process is considered finished.

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