How outsourcing can help increase a company’s income

These days, with the enormous ease of accessing information and the overwhelming amount of content, ideas and strategies being developed by numerous players in the market, it has become quite difficult to ensure that in-house staff at companies are following the best practices and latest tools available in the tax, accounting or financial area. We’ve spoken about it here in the Albieri & Associates blog.

This setting brings about the development of solid relationships and partnerships with companies that have a solid reputation – and their range of service and accumulated knowledge can provide visible benefits to their customers.

The benefits of diversifying and “oxygenating” in-house staff has become more apparent through outsourcing activities and involvement with consulting firms. In other words, the more assertive the labor relative to demand, the more efficient and the better the cost x benefit ratio is.

Advantages of outsourcing in this case

One of the great beneficiaries of this movement is, of course, “back-office” departments. By their nature, they are less exposed to the market and the technologies that the company’s operations provide to its engineering, logistics, commercial, research and development departments.

The accounting, tax, financial and paralegal departments are good examples of areas that, in receiving outside labor or consulting services, will be able to extract better practices and optimize their business processes – saving time while adding tax and operational efficiency.

Focus, assertiveness and income

Another positive point rests on the possibility that company employees can focus on more strategic activities, handing a large portion of operational routines over to third parties. Using this methodology, older and more experienced resources in the company’s business can now generate new ideas, initiatives and place things into practice that were impossible to do because of the time it took to carry out these other activities.

Lastly, it should be pointed out that well-designed outsourcing hiring contracts provide the company with a lot of flexibility when it comes to boosting and reducing the third party staff, foreseeing times when there may be a greater need and possible budget tightening. There are also opportunities to alter professional backgrounds, such as switching from an accountant to a tax expert or from a financial accountant to a paralegal, in addition to their level (junior, senior, etc.)

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