How technological tools help your company’s financial department

We have already demonstrated on the Albieri and Associates blog a number of resources and services that can help improve the processes within your company’s accounting, fiscal and financial department, and now we will talk a bit about how technological tools can help you make these areas even more efficient, achieving significant results.

Reflecting on providing its customers with even more productivity, flexibility and cost containment, Albieri and Associates bet on the TOTVS ERP technology package that assembles a variety of tools for optimizing and making financial procedures for small, medium and large-scale companies more efficient. The new service will be made available by Albieri to its customers starting in January of 2019.

This suite of digital tools possesses integrated modules that simplify operations. They also compile information from all financial processes and generate all legal and tax obligations – all without the need for complementary systems and allowing remote access in real time for customers.

Find out a bit more about TOTVS

With over 30 years in the technology market, TOTVS has expanded, evolved and multiplied its business throughout its history. Today, it is the multinational leader in devising business solutions in Brazil and Latin America for all sizes of companies – from micro and small businesses to major corporations – and is one of the largest ERP providers in the world.

Expert opinion

Luiz Albieri, the director of Albieri and Associates, believes that betting on TOTVS ‘solution package is an important step, primarily because its customers can gain a lot more flexibility in their processes. This also reflects on the technological advances and their impacts on the corporate universe.

“Around three years ago, Dieter Zetsche, Mercedes Benz’s global CEO, spoke to Time magazine about some of the major changes that would take place in the next 5 to 10 years. He predicted (correctly) that we would already have the first autonomous cars in the world by 2018. According to Dieter, auto insurance companies will no longer exist because there wouldn’t be any more traffic accidents due to the increasingly safe and autonomous cars. But what sort of impact does this have on outsourcing accounting, tax, financial and payrolls? According to him, young lawyers in the United States are already finding it difficult to get a job. Thanks to IBM Watson, you can get legal advice (up to now just for things more or less basic) in mere seconds, with 90% accuracy compared to 70% accuracy when done by humans,” he stated.

Albieri posits that the provision of accounting, tax and financial services will also need to undergo a drastic modernization so that the service to new managers, business owners and entrepreneurs is within the reach of these new expectations.

He wrapped up by stating, “service providers increasingly need to look for tools and technology partners that meet those needs and turn their business processes into sources of added value and results, not just simple accounting and tax compliance.”

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