Law eliminates notarizing signatures and favors paralegal services

On Tuesday, October 9, Law 13.726/2018 was enacted and published in the Brazilian Official Federal Gazette. The law established the end of requiring notarized signatures, authenticating copies and other personal documents by public agencies, such as birth certificates and voter registrations.

The new law goes into effect starting November 22 and also provides for a stamp of de-bureaucratization in public administration that is intended to simplify processes and eliminate unnecessary and extremely bureaucratic practices. This change affects and directly benefits outsourcing for paralegal services. Luiz Albieri, director of Albieri & Associates, believes that the new legislation may make certain processes cheaper and easier, such as opening, closing and updating registrations of facilities, making it much simpler to interface with government agencies, as well as numerous other procedures involving public offices. To this end, the offices must also play their part, publicizing this new culture and procedures to all its employees.

In order to waive the notarized signature, the public servant must compare the citizen’s signature with the signature of their identification document, and they may also choose to sign the document in person and avoid the bureaucracy of the notary’s office. As for the document copy authentication waiver, a person will only need to compare the original and copy presented.

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