Monthly Payroll

Monthly Payroll Processing

Through the use of the TOTVS® integrated systems, Albieri e Associados effects monthly payroll processing, payslips, holidays, bonuses (13th salary), generates files for banking and accounting integration, in addition to performing accounting reconciliations and management reports pertaining to the proper monitoring of the department.

The electronic employee timesheet system can be installed physically or digitally through applications with geolocation.

Employees can retrieve their data through the Employee Portal. This is customized for each client using their visual identity, routines and other specifics.

e-Social and other ancillary and legal obligations

All legal, labor and social security obligations related to the department are generated on a monthly and annual basis. e-Social, GFIP/SEFIP, registrations in Caixa Econômica (Federal Bank), digital Employment Record Card, RAIS, DIRF, CAGED, Income Report, and others. Updating registrations from the Electronic Registry Card, calculating payroll levies and benefits, in addition to running simulations on scenarios for management, are all included in our procedures.

Required follow-up on collective bargaining agreements is done periodically.

Personnel Department and Human Resources Procedures

Carrying out hiring and dismissals/terminations, employee and outsourced employment contracts, controls for medical examinations, changes in position and salaries, vacations and all other routines relevant to the department.

Occupational Medicine and Safety

Control and monitoring of legal obligations related to PPP, PCMSO, SIPAT, PPRA, LTCAT and any applicable sector-related particulars.