Operational Consulting and Staff Loan

BPO of SPED Files

We prepare, rectify and validate all files from the Public Digital Bookkeeping System, such as EFD, EFD-Contributions, ECD, ECF and e-Financial, including working with any XML models and versions involving Electronic Invoicing (NF-e), Knowledge of Electronic Transport (CT-e) and Electronic End-User Consumer Invoices (NFC-e).

Principal and Ancillary Obligations

We ascertain, refine and rectify calculations for any of your company’s taxes, such as PIS, COFINS, ICMS, IPI, IRPJ, CSLL and ISS. For each of these, we possess the expertise to draft, validate and rectify respective ancillary obligations, such as DCTF, DIRF, PER/DCOMP, GIA, CAT Ordinance 17 and GFIP.

Staff Loan: Intelligent Workforce

We offer trained professionals focused on direct and indirect accounting, financial and tax areas, in order to support your company. Our management team keeps track of the work, ensuring that the assigned professionals are performing their activities correctly, and relieving the workload on the internal employees.

Accounting Reconciliations

We have a team specialized in accounting reconciliations. Our methodology and tools allow detailed cross checks to be done between the accounting and extra-accounting entries to be made in detail, document by document. The reconciliations are presented in a “summarized cover page” format and with levels of defined settings on a case by case basis with our customers.

Tax Receipts

Our multidisciplinary staff is prepared to conduct the entire Purchase to Payment (PtoP) process for both the services and the commercial invoices. We carry out all levels of receipt and their respective criticisms, including those involving physical receipt, commercial receipt and tax receipt. We work a wide variety of systems, such as SAP, Oracle, JDE, Totvs and Microsiga.