Positive indicators for 2019

There are a number of positive indicators that have flirted with the start of the new year, and prospects for 2019 are beginning to take shape.

The latest indicators, updated on January 8 by ANFAVEA, were for automobile sales recorded at the end of the year. There was a positive double digit balance, highlighted by growth of over 40% for the sale of trucks, which already points to another positive sign: a warming trend in fleet renewal and investments on the part of business owners. All of this was chased down with potential speculation on a slowdown of the American economy and its crisis with China. In other words, the Brazilian numbers could be even better.

With these fair winds at our backs, one thing is certain in 2019: we will see increased activities and work.

In this sense, it’s more important than ever to have business partners who can provide working staff that are prepared for this increased demand or who can quickly absorb activities that need to be performed.

Count on us!