What is Paralegal and what its importance?

Although the Paralegal Department suggests a purely legal practice or support for legal departments, it can be said that this area extends to other relevant points within an organization.

Paralegal is often compared with traditional “dispatchers” who are directly linked to procedures with public agencies. However, today, the performance of the Paralegal area goes beyond mere demarches (visits) to public agencies, notaries and other government departments.

The Paralegal department, when well conducted, can bring great benefits to an organization. Here are some activities that can make a difference within a company:

• Feasibility analysis: Imagine the situation in which your company rents a place (office or land) to operate a new office or business, and when all is said and done, finds that the site could not handle that type of operation and the city hall will not allow its operation. A good Paralegal department will check in advance all the requirements necessary for that new operation and conclude on the feasibility of using a prospecting space.

• Government registration updates: A company has different registrations with numerous agencies, such as commercial boards, IRS, unions, regulatory agencies (ANVISA, ANATEL, ANAC, ANP, ANEEL etc.) and a simple change of the company’s address needs to be informed and updated in the all government department that the company has registers. Failure to update may lead, for example, to the impossibility of participating in a bid or even losing operating licenses.

• Incorporation of new companies and branches: The process of company and branch incorporation, as well as their terminations, is often lengthy not because of public bodies and entities, but because of the inadequate preparation of the necessary documentation for these kinds of situation. An experienced Paralegal professional will leave the processes with all enough information and organized in such a way as to facilitate their analysis of public agencies and their servers. The answer tends to be faster and more positive.

From a management point of view, it is common for companies not to include in their business model their own specific area Paralegal, opting to outsource these tasks with specialized companies. This practice is highly recommended to reduce expenses taking advantage of the synergy and expertise of qualified services providers.

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